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About DADC
DADC (Diagonal Architecture Design and Consulting Ltd.), established in Barcelona, Spain, has been engaged in planning, architectural design, design consultancy and architectural cultural exchanges for many years. 

Customized High-end Design:

Focus on the final user.
Create an "international, cutting-edge, customized and sustainable" design service. 
Build a design work cored with "service".
Create a broad view and cutting-edge concept with international teams. Create a customized and flexible service with local teams.

International Architectural Cultural Exchange:

Set up a comprehensive platform to promote the cultural and technical exchanges in different cultural context and diversified value views among the design units home and abroad, universities and colleges, research teams and government organizations.
Stick to the integration of enterprises-universities-research.
Organize the domestic units to "Go Global" and "Bring In" foreign units to form an international architectural design cooperation. 
Resolve the practical problems in China.
DADC will continue to take the advantages of international cooperation, creating a brighter future at home and aborad.

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