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About DADC
DADC (Diagonal Architecture Design and Consulting Ltd.), established in Barcelona, Spain, has been engaged in planning, architectural design, design consultancy and architectural cultural exchanges for many years. The projects involved are widely distributed in Europe, Asia and South America. DADC entered Beijing in 2010, also entering a new stage of development with the international team to develop various services for the Chinese market. Up to now, DADC has completed project design of various styles, such as, regional planning and design, design of single buildings including high-rise apartments, luxury hotels and stadiums, and interior design of large-scale office complexes, and has continuously carried out the design of different types of projects and consulting from large super high-rise city complexes to science and education culture architecture with various domestic top development groups and first-class design institutions from different continents and countries. In the meantime, we have maintained good interaction and cooperation with the specialized design media, planned and published numerous reports on overseas construction projects, organized and participated in organizing many exchange forums for international architects, and organized and coordinated the exchange between domestic and foreign architects. We provide a new window to communicate for professional designers at home and abroad, as well as a new way of communication and cooperation. DADC will continue to implement international design, planning and management concepts in future, integrate the local spirit and strive to provide better architectural design, cultural exchange and consulting and advisory services. Let's work together to create a bright future.
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